I’m here to be an ethereal being born of the light spectrum, and eat noodles.
And I’m all out of noodles. (Please give me noodles)



SO we’ve all done the thing on mobile where you’re like 10 minutes into scrolling then accidentally hit the home button and it’s at the top and you’re just ASDFGSPGGEMDMKTENTIWPRNSMD

BUT! If you just tap the home button again (so a grand total of twice) IT TAKES YOU BACK WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE


And, bless you Sadie!


I highly disapprove of leaking personal photos. But I can’t take Tumblr seriously about the Jennifer Lawrence incident because of a few things: 

  1. You guys made memes out of Dylan Sprouse’s nudes and you praised his ex-girlfriend for leaking them. 
  2. You’re still spreading Calum Hood’s nudes 
  3. Some of you leak people’s address and threaten their lives because they have an opinion that counters yours. 


While I have seen 3, I’ve yet to see 1 or 2.
Maybe I’m not in the right circles, but all I saw after Sprouse’s nudes leaked was that leaking nudes is a fucked-up thing to do.


why do they always showcase ‘bullies’ in cartoons as being some punk with a mohawk like

when was the last time you saw a cool guy in a leather jacket not minding his own business it’s usually some basic asshole in a graphic tee that has something to say




ok so this just hit me

humidifiers fill the air with water molecules from a source of water.image

so what if someone filled a humidifier with holy water. would this essentially cleanse a room of all evil?

Either demons aren’t real, or demons are afraid because humans keep coming up with $40 solutions to demon problems.

Sam and Dean, take note


"i kissed a girl" is not a queer girl love song and idk how anyone could think it is
“it’s not what good girls do”
“hope my boyfriend dont mind it”
its making it seem like girls kissing girls is such a REBELLIOUS, NAUGHTY, ALLURING thing
its not
fuck that song i hate it